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Asphalt Materials Inc.

5400 W. 86th Street
Indianapolis, IN
(317) 872-6010

Asphalt Materials Inc.

940 N. Wynn Road
Oregon, OH
(419) 693-0626

Emulsicoat Inc.

705 E. University Drive
Urbana, IL
(217) 344-7775

Bituminous Materials & Supply

900 E. Raccoon
Des Moines, IA
(515) 288-1076

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Asphalt Materials, Inc., formed in 1956, has been continually focused on the asphalt business.  The core strength of our business is the formulation, manufacturing, and R&D of asphalt binders and emulsions. Our Asphalt Companies continually supply high quality products and services allowing us to excel in pavement preservation techniques and construction services.  We play critical roles in assisting federal, state, local & private authorities in building economical and reliable pavements, while maintaining safety and environmental stewardship to the highest standards.

Our knowledgeable sales staff assists clients in technical aspects of constructing and maintaining asphalt pavements. We work closely with the Heritage Research Group staff to utilize the latest instrumentation and technologies to ensure the highest quality asphalt products and processes are produced and applied. Heritage Research Group is part of the commitment to use technology in a beneficial way, building competitive advantages in a global, market-based economy.

Asphalt Materials Inc. is committed to building long term relationships with customers and vendors based on trust and confidence, creating solutions to issues affecting our customers and their industries.

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